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    United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW Canada) / Travailleurs et travailleuses unis de l'alimentation et du commerce (TUAC Canada)
    In-house Organization: Paul Meinema, National President
    Registration: 26 of 26 (2022-11-29 to present)
    In-house Organization: Lana Payne, National President
    Registration: 69 of 69 (2022-11-14 to present)
    Ontario College of Art & Design University / L'École universitaire d'art & de design de l'Ontario
    In-house Organization: Ana Serrano, President and Vice Chancellor
    Registration: 29 of 29 (2022-11-24 to present)
    In-house Organization: S. MICHAEL BROOKS, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 37 of 37 (2022-11-10 to present)
    B'nai Brith Committee for Justice in Canada / le comité pour la justice au Canada - B'nai Brith Canada
    In-house Organization: Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer, B'nai Brith Canada
    Registration: 6 of 6 (2022-11-07 to present)
    Canadian Live Music Association / Association canadienne de musique sur scene
    In-house Organization: Erin Benjamin, President & CEO
    Registration: 12 of 12 (2022-11-16 to present)
    Canadian Bankers Association / Association des Banquiers Canadiens
    In-house Organization: Anthony Ostler, President & CEO
    Registration: 105 of 105 (2022-11-16 to present)
    Canadian Credit Union Association / Association canadienne des coopératives financières
    In-house Organization: JEFF GUTHRIE, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 49 of 49 (2022-11-16 to present)
    Canadian Marine Pilots' Association / Association des pilotes maritimes du Canada
    In-house Organization: TRISTAN LAFLAMME, Executive Director and General Counsel
    Registration: 19 of 19 (2022-11-17 to present)
    SALVATION ARMY CANADA AND BERMUDA TERRITORY (THE) / Armée du Salut du Canada et des Bermudes
    In-house Organization: Floyd Tidd, Territorial Commander
    Registration: 35 of 35 (2022-11-14 to present)
    In-house Organization: Raymond Bohn, PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Registration: 85 of 85 (2022-11-01 to present)
    MakeWay Charitable Society
    In-house Organization: Joanna Kerr, CEO & President
    Registration: 40 of 40 (2022-11-14 to present)
    Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada / Societe canadienne de la sclerose en plaques
    In-house Organization: Pamela Valentine, President & CEO
    Registration: 57 of 57 (2022-11-15 to present)
    Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) / Comptables professionnels agréés du Canada (CPA Canada)
    In-house Organization: Pamela Steer, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 134 of 134 (2022-10-26 to present)
    Canadian Chamber of Commerce / La Chambre de commerce du Canada
    In-house Organization: Perrin Beatty, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 112 of 112 (2022-10-24 to present)
    Canadian Airports Council / Conseil des Aéroports du Canada
    In-house Organization: Monette Pasher, President
    Registration: 24 of 24 (2022-11-14 to present)
    National Cattle Feeders' Association / Association nationale des engraisseurs de bovins
    In-house Organization: Janice Tranberg, President and CEO
    Registration: 26 of 26 (2022-11-14 to present)
    Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
    In-house Organization: Jay Meyer, Executive Director
    Registration: 46 of 46 (2022-11-14 to present)
    University of Lethbridge
    In-house Organization: Michael Mahon, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Registration: 52 of 52 (2022-10-26 to present)
    Canadian Medical Association / Association médicale canadienne
    In-house Organization: Timothy Smith, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 147 of 147 (2022-10-17 to present)
    Innovative Medicines Canada / Médicaments novateurs Canada
    In-house Organization: Pamela Fralick, President
    Registration: 100 of 100 (2022-11-07 to present)
    Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers / Association Canadienne des Producteurs Pétroliers
    In-house Organization: LISA BAITON, President and CEO
    Registration: 181 of 181 (2022-10-14 to present)
    Motion Picture Association - Canada / Association cinematographique - Canada
    In-house Organization: Wendy Noss, President
    Registration: 38 of 38 (2022-11-03 to present)
    ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P.
    In-house Organization: Ron Bedard, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 20 of 20 (2022-10-17 to present)
    Canadian Women's Foundation / Fondation canadienne des femmes
    In-house Organization: Paulette Senior, President and CEO
    Registration: 11 of 11 (2022-10-07 to present)
    Aéro Montréal
    In-house Organization: Suzanne Benoît, Présidente-directrice générale
    Registration: 5 of 5 (2022-11-03 to present)
    Community Living Toronto
    In-house Organization: Brad Saunders, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 7 of 7 (2022-09-29 to present)
    Canadian Physiotherapy Association / Association canadienne de physiotherapie
    In-house Organization: Elisa Beselt, Interim Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 19 of 19 (2022-09-26 to present)
    In-house Organization: Greg D'Avignon, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 38 of 38 (2022-10-25 to present)
    West End Home Builders' Association
    In-house Organization: Michael Collins-Williams, CEO
    Registration: 4 of 4 (2022-10-24 to present)
    Association nationale des éditeurs de livres
    In-house Organization: Karine Vachon, Directrice générale
    Registration: 24 of 24 (2022-10-27 to present)
    University of Saskatchewan
    In-house Organization: Peter Stoicheff, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Registration: 49 of 49 (2022-09-26 to present)
    Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (also known as Humane Canada) / Fédération des sociétés canadiennes d’assistance aux animaux (aussi connu sous le nom Animaux Canada)
    In-house Organization: Barbara Cartwright, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 26 of 26 (2022-09-09 to present)
    Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
    In-house Organization: John DiMichele, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Registration: 43 of 43 (2022-10-20 to present)
    Canadian Cattle Association / Association canadienne des bovins
    Registration: 77 of 77 (2022-10-20 to present)
    In-house Organization: Ondina Love, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Registration: 25 of 25 (2022-09-22 to present)
    Capilano Students' Union
    In-house Organization: Christopher Girodat, Executive Director
    Registration: 11 of 11 (2022-09-20 to present)
    Council of Forest Industries
    In-house Organization: LINDA COADY, President and CEO
    Registration: 46 of 46 (2022-10-21 to present)
    Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) / Fédération canadienne de l’entreprise indépendante (FCEI)
    In-house Organization: Daniel Kelly, PRESIDENT and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Registration: 90 of 90 (2022-09-15 to present)
    Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
    In-house Organization: Christopher Bloore, President and CEO
    Registration: 7 of 7 (2022-10-19 to present)
    YWCA Canada
    In-house Organization: Raine Liliefeldt, Interim CEO
    Registration: 9 of 9 (2022-10-14 to present)
    The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs / Le Centre consultatif des relations juives et israéliennes
    In-house Organization: SHIMON FOGEL, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Registration: 74 of 74 (2022-10-13 to present)
    CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY / Société canadienne du cancer
    In-house Organization: Andrea Seale, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 83 of 83 (2022-10-17 to present)
    The Writers' Union of Canada
    In-house Organization: John Degen, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 23 of 23 (2022-09-16 to present)
    ACTRA Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists / ACTRA
    In-house Organization: Marie Kelly, National Executive Director
    Registration: 34 of 34 (2022-10-06 to present)
    Restaurants Canada
    In-house Organization: Christian Buhagiar, President and CEO
    Registration: 51 of 51 (2022-09-30 to present)
    Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. / Association canadienne des compagnies d'assurances de personnes inc.
    In-house Organization: Stephen Frank, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 57 of 57 (2022-07-27 to present)
    North Saskatoon Business Association / NSBA
    In-house Organization: Keith Moen, Executive Director
    Registration: 7 of 7 (2022-08-16 to present)
    The College of Family Physicians of Canada / Le Collège des médecins de famille du Canada
    In-house Organization: Lawrence Loh, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 37 of 37 (2022-09-26 to present)
    Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada / Produits alimentaires, de santé et de consommation du Canada
    In-house Organization: Michael Graydon, Chief Executive Officer
    Registration: 68 of 68 (2022-10-01 to present)

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