Campaign Life Coalition - Address, activities & membership

Address, activities & membership

300-104 Bond Street
Toronto, ON  M5B 1X9

Telephone number: 613-729-0379

Contact information in previous versions

  • 300-104 Bond Street
    Toronto, ON  M5B 1X9

    Telephone number: 613-729-0371

Description of the organization's activities:
Lobbying of members of Parliament on life issues including but not limited to abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, human rights, reproductive technologies, medical ethics, women's rights. Setting up meetings with MPs to educate them on the pro-life position. The ultimate goal is to have pro-life legislation enacted which will provide protection in canadian law for all human life fron conception to natural death. As part of these goals monthly meetings of pro-life MPs are co-ordinated. Surveying candidates during municipal, provincial and federal elections to determine their position on life issues but not limited to abortion and euthanasia and then provide their responses to our supporters. Organize the National March for Life each May in Ottawa which is a pro-life rally on Parlaiment Hill. Organize Life Chain each October which is a pro-life witness across Canada where people stand quietly for one hour at intersections holding pro-life signs.The span of issues as they pertain to life,family health etc.,cover aspects of the departments listed above in varying degrees and depend on the legislation being proposed.

Organization's membership or classes of membership:
Campaign Life Coalition has no membership fees but is made up of people who have indicated interest in the issues, who might or might not donate. Monthly pro-life newsletters are sent out to people on our mailing list. They are asked to donate what they can in order that we may have funds to continue our lobbying efforts. We do not have charitable tax status so we cannot issue tax receipts but issue thank you letters.

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