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Maurice Clermont, President (Corporation)

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Registrants are required to submit a monthly communication report for each oral and arranged communication with a designated public office holder. The name of the most senior paid officer (i.e. the registrant) will appear on all in-house monthly communication reports, whether or not he/she participated in the communication.

Note: Monthly Communication Reports are due on the 15th day of each month for communications that took place in the previous month.

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  1. Clermark Inc.
    In-house Corporation
    Designated Public Office Holders who participated in the communication:
    • Jake Jacobson, Chief of Staff Material Group - DND | National Defence (DND)

    Subject Matter of the communication: Defence
    Communication date: 2010-06-11
    Posted date: 2010-08-20
    Communication number: 250562-153735 View associated registration

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