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    Active Canadian Chamber of Commerce / La Chambre de commerce du Canada
    In-house Organization: Perrin Beatty, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 235
    Active Canadian Produce Marketing Association / Association canadienne de la distribution de fruits et légumes
    In-house Organization: Ron Lemaire, President
    Monthly Communications: 216
    Active Universities Canada / Universités Canada
    In-house Organization: Paul Davidson, President
    Monthly Communications: 175
    Active Greater Toronto Airports Authority / Autorité aéroportuaire du Grand Toronto
    In-house Corporation: Deborah Flint, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 149
    Active The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs / Le Centre consultatif des relations juives et israéliennes
    In-house Organization: SHIMON FOGEL, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Monthly Communications: 141
    Active Rogers Communications Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Joe Natale, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 141
    Active Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada (CME) / Alliance des manufacturiers et des exportateurs du Canada (MEC)
    In-house Organization: Dennis Darby, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 134
    Active Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) / Comptables professionnels agréés du Canada (CPA Canada)
    In-house Organization: Charles-Antoine St-Jean, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 132
    Active BlackBerry Limited
    In-house Corporation: John Chen, Executive Chair and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 100
    Active Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association
    In-house Organization: Brian Kingston, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 96
    Active HealthCareCAN / SoinsSantéCAN
    In-house Organization: Paul-Émile Cloutier, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Monthly Communications: 95
    Active Chicken Farmers of Canada / Les Producteurs de poulet du Canada
    In-house Organization: Michael Laliberte, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 87
    Active National Police Federation / Federation de la Police Nationale
    In-house Organization: Brian Sauve, President
    Monthly Communications: 87
    Active Canadian Red Cross / Croix-Rouge canadienne
    In-house Organization: Conrad Sauvé, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 79
    Active National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) / Conseil national des Musulmans Canadiens (CNMC)
    In-house Organization: Mustafa Farooq, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 77
    Active Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.
    In-house Corporation: Bev Goodman, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Monthly Communications: 77
    Active Canadian Airports Council / Conseil des Aéroports du Canada
    In-house Organization: Daniel-Robert Gooch, President
    Monthly Communications: 72
    In-house Corporation: Scott Bell, President and Managing Director
    Monthly Communications: 69
    Active FCA Canada Inc.
    In-house Corporation: David Buckingham, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of FCA Canada
    Monthly Communications: 66
    Active The University of British Columbia
    In-house Organization: Santa Ono, President
    Monthly Communications: 65
    Active Vancouver International Airport Authority
    In-house Corporation: Tamara Vrooman, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 63
    Active Air Canada
    In-house Corporation: Michael Rousseau, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 61
    Active Bombardier Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 60
    Active Google Canada Corporation
    In-house Corporation: Sabrina Geremia, Managing Director
    Monthly Communications: 56
    In-house Organization: Francis Bradley, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 54
    Active Amazon Web Services Canada, Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Eric Gales, President
    Monthly Communications: 49
    Active University of Waterloo
    In-house Organization: Vivek Goel, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 47
    Active Aurora Cannabis Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Miguel Martin, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 41
    Active Plan International Canada Inc.
    In-house Organization: Lindsay Glassco, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 41
    Active World Society for the Protection of Animals / Société Mondiale pour la Protection des Animaux
    In-house Organization: Colin Saravanamuttoo, Executive Director, Canada
    Monthly Communications: 38
    Active Canadian Steel Producers Association / L'Association canadienne des producteurs d'acier
    In-house Organization: CATHERINE COBDEN, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 36
    Active Frontier Duty Free Association / Association fontière hors taxes
    Consultant: Barbara Barrett, Impact Public Affairs / Barbara Barrett
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Active Canadian Pacific Railway / Chemin de fer Canadien Pacifique
    In-house Corporation: Keith Creel, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Active Food and Beverage Canada / Aliment et boissons Canada
    In-house Organization: KATHLEEN SULLIVAN, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 33
    Active Languages Canada
    Consultant: Sheila O'Gorman
    Monthly Communications: 32
    Active TikTok Technology Canada Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Daniel Habashi, General Manager
    Monthly Communications: 31
    Consultant: Pierre Cyr, FleishmanHillard HighRoad Corp
    Monthly Communications: 25
    Active Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO)
    Consultant: Roberto Chávez, Sussex Strategy Group
    Monthly Communications: 23
    Active Microsoft Canada Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Kevin Peesker, President
    Monthly Communications: 22
    In-house Corporation: Victor Dodig, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Monthly Communications: 20
    Active TikTok Canada
    Consultant: James Anderson, Public Affairs Advisors / Conseillers Affaires Publiques Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 18
    Active Nieuport Aviation
    In-house Corporation: Neil Pakey, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 17
    In-house Corporation: Stephanie Dexter, President
    Monthly Communications: 15
    Active Intellectual Property Institute of Canada / INSTITUT DE LA PROPRIÉTÉ INTELLECTUELLE DU CANADA
    In-house Organization: Adam Kingsley, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 14
    Active Uber Canada, Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Matthew Price, Director
    Monthly Communications: 13
    Active Canadian Bar Association / Association du Barreau canadien
    In-house Organization: Paul D. Paton, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Monthly Communications: 12
    Active SNC-Lavalin Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Ian Edwards, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 11
    Active Child Development Institute
    In-house Organization: Lynn Ryan MacKenzie, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 11
    Active International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group / Coalition pour la surveillance internationale des libertés civiles
    In-house Organization: Timothy McSorley, National Coordinator
    Monthly Communications: 11
    Active Canopy Growth Corporation
    Consultant: Julie DeWolfe, GT & Company Executive Advisors
    Monthly Communications: 10

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