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    Active Tourism Industry Association of Canada / L’Association de l’industrie touristique du Canada
    In-house Organization: Beth Potter, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 147
    Active David Suzuki Foundation / Fondation David Suzuki
    In-house Organization: Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 123
    Active Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers / Association Canadienne des Producteurs Pétroliers
    In-house Organization: Tim McMillan, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 109
    Active Trans Canada Trail / Sentier Transcanadien
    In-house Organization: Eleanor McMahon, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 109
    In-house Organization: Graham Saul, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 93
    Active Memorial University of Newfoundland
    In-house Organization: Vianne Timmons, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 48
    Active Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance
    In-house Organization: Wesley Jickling, Chief Executive
    Monthly Communications: 47
    Active Canadian Wildlife Federation / Fédération canadienne de la faune
    In-house Organization: Rick Bates, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President
    Monthly Communications: 42
    Active The Nature Conservancy of Canada / La Société canadienne pour la conservation de la nature
    In-house Organization: Catherine Grenier, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 27
    Active World Wildlife Fund Canada / Le fonds mondial pour la nature
    In-house Organization: Megan Leslie, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 25
    Active Trans Canada Trail / Sentier Transcanadien
    Consultant: Kim Wright, Wright Strategies
    Monthly Communications: 22
    Active Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society / Société pour la nature et les parcs du Canada
    In-house Organization: Sandra Schwartz, National Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 21
    Active The Municipality of Jasper
    Consultant: Will Adams, 11871722 Canada Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 7
    Active Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association
    In-house Organization: Darren Reeder, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 4
    Active Heddle Marine Service Inc.
    Consultant: Don Newman, Rubicon Strategy Ottawa
    Monthly Communications: 1
    Inactive Canadian Geographic Enterprises Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Gilles Gagnier, President
    Monthly Communications: 19

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