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    Active Canadian Chamber of Commerce / La Chambre de commerce du Canada
    In-house Organization: Perrin Beatty, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 235
    Active Canadian Produce Marketing Association / Association canadienne de la distribution de fruits et légumes
    In-house Organization: Ron Lemaire, President
    Monthly Communications: 216
    In-house Organization: Carole Saab, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 183
    Active Universities Canada / Universités Canada
    In-house Organization: Paul Davidson, President
    Monthly Communications: 175
    In-house Corporation: Daniel Goldberg, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 154
    Active Canadian Canola Growers Association
    In-house Organization: Rick White, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 151
    Active Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada (CME) / Alliance des manufacturiers et des exportateurs du Canada (MEC)
    In-house Organization: Dennis Darby, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 134
    Active TELUS Corporation
    In-house Corporation: Darren Entwistle, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 107
    Active YMCA Canada
    In-house Organization: Peter Dinsdale, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 96
    Active Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada / Les Repaires jeunesse du Canada
    In-house Organization: Owen Charters, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 89
    Active National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) / Conseil national des Musulmans Canadiens (CNMC)
    In-house Organization: Mustafa Farooq, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 77
    Active Mitacs Inc.
    In-house Organization: John Hepburn, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director
    Monthly Communications: 77
    Active Climate Action Network Canada / Reseau Action Climat Canada
    In-house Organization: Catherine Abreu, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 72
    Active United Way Centraide Canada / Centraide United Way Canada
    In-house Organization: Dan Clement, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 68
    Active Dairy Farmers of Canada / Les Producteurs laitiers du Canada
    In-house Organization: Jacques Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 67
    Active Grain Growers of Canada / Les producteurs de grains du Canada
    In-house Organization: Erin Gowriluk, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 64
    Active Ryerson University
    In-house Organization: Mohamed Lachemi, President
    Monthly Communications: 63
    Active University of Manitoba
    In-house Organization: Dr. Michael Benarroch, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 63
    Active Toronto Region Board of Trade
    In-house Organization: Janet De Silva, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 63
    Active University of Calgary
    In-house Organization: Edward McCauley, President & Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 54
    Active Cooperation Canada / Coopération Canada
    In-house Organization: Nicolas Moyer, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 52
    Active Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness / L’Alliance canadienne pour mettre fin à l’itinérance
    In-house Organization: TIM RICHTER, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 51
    In-house Organization: David Weinstein, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 45
    Active Plan International Canada Inc.
    In-house Organization: Lindsay Glassco, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 41
    Active Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health / Reseau Canadien sur la Sante des Meres, des Nouveau-Nes et des Enfants
    In-house Organization: Julia Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
    Monthly Communications: 39
    Active Cogeco Communications Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Philippe Jetté, Président et chef de la direction
    Monthly Communications: 38
    Active Deans Council - Agriculture, Food & Veterinary Medicine, (Deans Council AFVM) / Conseil des Doyens - Agriculture, Alimentation & Médecine Vétérinaire, (Conseil des Doyens AAMV)
    In-house Organization: ROGER LARSON, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 38
    Active Startup Canada
    Consultant: Natasha Morano, NHM Connect
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Active Palette Skills Inc.
    In-house Organization: Arvind Gupta, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 34
    Active YWCA Canada
    In-house Organization: Maya Roy, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 33
    Active Music Canada
    In-house Organization: Patrick Rogers, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 32
    Active Languages Canada
    Consultant: Sheila O'Gorman
    Monthly Communications: 32
    Active CARE Canada
    In-house Organization: Barbara Grantham, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 29
    Active National Association of Friendship Centres / Association nationale des centres d'amitie
    Consultant: ISABEL METCALFE, Public Affairs Counsel
    Monthly Communications: 28
    Active MDA Ltd.
    In-house Corporation: Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 27
    Active Foundation for Black Communities
    Consultant: Ryan Singh, Temple Scott Associates Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 26
    Active The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency
    In-house Organization: Roanie Levy, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 26
    Active Children First Canada
    In-house Organization: Sara Austin, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 26
    Active Actua
    Consultant: Kristina Martin, Loyalist Public Affairs
    Monthly Communications: 21
    Active Canola Council of Canada
    Consultant: Dan Pfeffer, Public Affairs Advisors
    Monthly Communications: 21
    Active Riipen Networks / Riipen
    In-house Corporation: Dana Stephenson, CEO and Co-Founder
    Monthly Communications: 20
    Active Actua
    In-house Organization: Jennifer Flanagan, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 19
    Active Canadian Teachers' Federation / Fédération canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants
    In-house Organization: Cassandra Hallett, Secretary General
    Monthly Communications: 18
    Active Social Capital Partners / SCP
    In-house Organization: Jonathan Shell, Managing Director and Partner
    Monthly Communications: 18
    In-house Organization: Lauren Ravon, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 16
    In-house Organization: Chris Vervaet, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
    Monthly Communications: 16
    Active HIV Legal Network / Réseau juridique VIH
    In-house Organization: Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Co-Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 15
    Active Shelter Movers / Transit Secours
    In-house Organization: Marc Hull-Jacquin, Executive Director and Founder
    Monthly Communications: 14
    Active Engineers Canada / Ingénieurs Canada
    In-house Organization: Gerard McDonald, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 13
    Active Fondaction CSN
    Consultant: Marc Desmarais, NATIONAL Public Relations
    Monthly Communications: 13

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