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    In-house Corporation: Guy Cormier, Président et chef de la direction, Mouvement des caisses Desjardins
    Monthly Communications: 19
    Active Cisco Systems Canada Co.
    In-house Corporation: Shannon Leininger, President
    Monthly Communications: 5
    Active Armada Surge Protection
    In-house Corporation: Maxim Beauregard, Président
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active Jean Paul Riopelle Foundation / Fondation Jean Paul Riopelle
    Consultant: Raphaël Melançon, Trafalgar Strategies / Trafalgar Stratégies
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active ARHT Media Inc.
    Consultant: Mary O'Keefe
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active Xerox Canada Ltd.
    In-house Corporation: Martin Bachant, President, Canada Unit, Americas Operations
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Canadian Geographic Enterprises Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Gilles Gagnier, President
    Monthly Communications: 19
    Inactive Our Home & Miniature Land Inc.
    Consultant: James Anderson, Public Affairs Advisors / Conseillers Affaires Publiques Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 1
    Inactive Our Home & Miniature Land Inc.
    Consultant: Marie Lemieux, PAA Public Affairs Advisors Inc. / CAP Conseillers Affaires Publiques Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 1
    Inactive The Mark
    Consultant: Tara Beauport, Capital Hill Group / Le Groupe Capital Hill
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Lexmark Canada
    Consultant: Gordon Hunter, Hunter Strategies Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Experiences Canada
    Consultant: Devin McCarthy, Sussex Strategy Group
    Monthly Communications: 0

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