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    Active Canadian Chamber of Commerce / La Chambre de commerce du Canada
    In-house Organization: Perrin Beatty, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 145
    Active Dalhousie University
    In-house Organization: Deep Saini, President
    Monthly Communications: 93
    Active Chamber of Marine Commerce / Chambre de commerce maritime
    In-house Organization: BRUCE BURROWS, PRESIDENT AND CEO
    Monthly Communications: 47
    Active Wal-Mart Canada Corp. / La Compagnie Wal-Mart du Canada
    In-house Corporation: JP Suarez, Interim CEO
    Monthly Communications: 45
    Active MasterCard Canada, ULC.
    In-house Corporation: Sasha Krstic, President
    Monthly Communications: 22
    Active Cisco Systems Canada Co.
    In-house Corporation: Shannon Leininger, President
    Monthly Communications: 9
    Active Canada Grains Council
    Consultant: Tyler Bjornson, T. Bjornson & Associates Consulting Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 6
    Active Canadian Marine Pilots' Association / Association des pilotes maritimes du Canada
    In-house Organization: TRISTAN LAFLAMME, Executive Director and General Counsel
    Monthly Communications: 5
    Active Heritage Gas Limited
    In-house Corporation: John Hawkins, President
    Monthly Communications: 3
    Active Fednav Limited
    In-house Corporation: Laurence Pathy, Chairman
    Monthly Communications: 2
    Active Cruise Lines International Association
    Consultant: Donna Spalding, Donna Spalding / 1952
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active Sherritt International Corporation
    In-house Corporation: Leon Binedell, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active Fednav International Ltd
    In-house Corporation: Paul Pathy, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active XpertVR Inc.
    Consultant: Fernando Minna, The Capital Hill Group
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Active Concrete Atlantic / Beton Atlantique
    In-house Organization: Pam Woodman, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive ECA Robotics
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Canadian Marine Pilots' Association / Association des pilotes maritimes du Canada
    Consultant (Member of the organization): Cheryl Bidgood
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Armada Surge Protection
    In-house Corporation: Maxim Beauregard, Président
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Développement Effenco Inc.
    In-house Corporation: David Arsenault, Président
    Monthly Communications: 0
    Inactive Heritage Gas
    Consultant: Allison Garber, Allison Garber Communications
    Monthly Communications: 0

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