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Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc. / Duane Anderson, President

Registration Information
In-house Corporation name: Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc.
Responsible Officer Name: Duane Anderson, President 
Initial registration start date: 2005-07-07
Registration status: Active
Registration Number: 777610-4525
Associated Communications

Total Number of Communication Reports: 2

Monthly communication reports in the last 6 months: 0

Version 1 of 31 (2005-07-07 to 2006-02-02)

Version 1 of 31 (2005-07-07 to 2006-02-02) was submitted prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, 2008. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

A. Information about Responsible Officer and Corporation

Corporation: Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc.
1125 Innovation Drive
Ottawa, ON  K2K 3G6
Telephone number: 613-271-1101  Ext.: 222
Fax number: 613-271-1152  
Responsible officer name and position during the period of this registration: Duane Anderson, President  
Description of activities: Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc. is a privately held, Canadian federally-incorporated entity registered in May of 1988 under the laws of Canada that specializes in the architecture and engineering of real-time high-performance multiprocessor systems. Edgewater provides expert services for all phases of the development life cycle, but has recognized expertise in the specification, theory, analysis, modeling, simulation, and verification of both system hardware and software.
Parent: The corporation is not a subsidiary of any other parent corporations.
Coalition The corporation is not a member of a coalition.
Subsidiary: The corporation does not have any subsidiaries that could be affected by the outcome of the undertaking.
Other direct interests The corporation's activities are not controlled or directed by another individual, organization or corporation with a direct interest in the outcome of this undertaking.
Was the corporation funded in whole or in part by any domestic or foreign government institution in the last completed financial year? No

B. Lobbyists Employed by the Corporation

Name: Louis Berube
Position title: Vice President
Public offices held: No
Name: Andrea Derow
Position title: Business Manager
Public offices held: No
Name: Christopher (Chris) Garrick
Position title: Product Manager
Public offices held: No
Name: Serban Gheorghe
Position title: R&D Manager
Public offices held: No
Name: Paul Morton
Position title: Program Manager
Public offices held: No
Name: Donovan Wallace
Position title: Engineering Manager
Public offices held: No

C. Lobbying Activity Information

Federal departments or organizations which have been or will be communicated with during the course of the undertaking: Industry Canada, National Defence (DND), National Research Council (NRC), Public Works and Government Services Canada
Communication techniques that have been used or are expected to be used in the course of the undertaking:
Informal communications, Meetings, Presentations, Telephone calls, Written communications, whether in hard copy or electronic format
Subject Matter: Areas of Concern: Defence, Industry, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Science and Technology, Small Business, Transportation
Subject Matter: Retrospective: Edgewater Computer systems, Inc. (Edgewater) entered into an investment agreement with Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) in December of 2003 for the first phase of a multi-phase product development project.
Subject Matter: Prospective: With the first phase reaching completion, Edgewater intends to interact with TPC personnel regarding an increment to the current TPC agreement for investment to do the next phase of the development project.
Details Regarding the Identified Subject Matter
Categories Description
Grant, Contribution or Other Financial Benefit The benefit to Edgewater would be a repayable investment that allows Edgewater to further the development of the product.

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