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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO / Meric Gertler, President

Registration Information

In-house Organization name: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO
Responsible Officer Name: Meric Gertler, President 
Responsible Officer Change History
Initial registration start date: 2005-09-28
Registration status: Active
Registration Number: 880813-5522

Associated Communications

Total Number of Communication Reports: 504

Monthly communication reports in the last 6 months: 18

Version 1 of 117 (2005-09-28 to 2006-04-12)

Version 1 of 117 (2005-09-28 to 2006-04-12) was submitted prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, 2008. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

A. Organization Information

c/o Director Government Liaison
Simcoe Hall, Room 216, 27 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON  M5S 1A1
Telephone number: 416-946-0695
Fax number: 416-978-4431  
Responsible officer name and position during the period of this registration: David Naylor, President  
Description of the organization's activities: The University of Toronto is committed to being an internationally significant research university, with undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of excellent quality.
Organization's membership or classes of membership: With campuses in downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough, U of T has over 9,000 faculty and staff, nearly 70,000 graduate and undergraduate students, and more than 300,000 alumni who have earned their degrees from U of T. The University of Toronto has a unicameral system of governance, with an elected 50-member body known as the Governing Council. Twenty-five members of the Governing Council are from within the University: 12 teaching staff, 8 students, 2 administrative staff, the President and 2 senior officers appointed by the President. The other 25 members consist of 16 appointees of the provincial government, 8 elected alumni and the chancellor, who is also elected by the alumni. The Governing Council annually elects a Chair and Vice-Chair from among the members appointed by the province.The University of Toronto is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.
Was the organization funded in whole or in part by any domestic or foreign government institution in the last completed financial year? Yes
End date of the organization's last completed financial year: 2004-04-30
List of Government Funding
Government Institution Funding Received in Last Financial Year
Province of Ontario $626,680,000.00
Government of Canada $309,867,000.00

B. Lobbyists Employed by the Organization

Name: Sheila Brown
Position title: Chief Financial Officer
Public offices held: No
Name: John Challis
Position title: Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost
Public offices held: Yes
Name: Elizabeth Finney
Position title: Director of Government Liaison
Public offices held: Yes
Name: C. David Naylor
Position title: President
Public offices held: No
Name: Ian Orchard
Position title: Vice-President and Principal, UTM
Public offices held: No
Name: Kwong-Loi Shun
Position title: Vice-President and Principal, UTSC
Public offices held: No
Name: Pekka Sinervo
Position title: Dean, Arts and Science
Public offices held: No

C. Lobbying Activity Information

Federal departments or organizations which have been or will be communicated with during the course of the undertaking: Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada Research Chairs, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Environment Canada, Finance Canada (FIN), Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAITC), Health Canada (HC), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Industry Canada, National Research Council (NRC), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Privy Council Office (PCO), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
Communication techniques that have been used or are expected to be used in the course of the undertaking:
Informal communications, Meetings, Other types: Joint partnerships with other institutions and groups, Telephone calls, Written communications, whether in hard copy or electronic format
Subject Matter: Areas of Concern: Aboriginal Affairs, Arts and Culture, Education, Employment and Training, Environment, Health, Immigration, Industry, Intellectual Property, International Relations, Labour, Research, Innovation and Commercialization, Science and Technology
Subject Matter: Retrospective: Clerk of the Privy Council - federal role in postsecondary education and research;Office of the Prime Minister - federal role in postsecondary education and research;Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) - federal role in postsecondary education;Industry - support for big science.
Subject Matter: Prospective: Finance Canada - federal support for postsecondary education and research; Social Sciences and Humanities research Council of Canada (SSHRC) - granting council funding;National Research Council of Canada (NRC) - proposals for new programs.

Details Regarding the Identified Subject Matter

Categories Description
Grant, Contribution or Other Financial Benefit Federal Research Granting Councils
Policy or Program Indirect Costs Prorgram,Canada Graduate Scholarships,Canada Student Loan Program,