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Dalhousie University / Kim Brooks, President and Vice-Chancellor

Registration Information

In-house Organization name: Dalhousie University
Responsible Officer Name: Kim Brooks, President and Vice-Chancellor 
Responsible Officer Change History
Initial registration start date: 2005-09-20
Registration status: Active
Registration Number: 955653-5916

Associated Communications

Total Number of Communication Reports: 511

Monthly communication reports in the last 6 months: 16

Version 2 of 67 (2006-03-31 to 2006-09-28)

Version 2 of 67 (2006-03-31 to 2006-09-28) was submitted prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, 2008. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

A. Organization Information

Organization: Dalhousie University
President's Office
6299 South St.
Halifax, NS  B3H 4H6
Telephone number: 902-494-6742
Fax number: 902-494-1141  
Responsible officer name and position during the period of this registration: Tom Traves, President  
Description of the organization's activities: Dalhousie University, founded in 1818, provides post-secondary undergraduate, graduate and professional education to over 15,000 students. Dalhousie offers more than 3,600 courses in more than 180 degree programs. Over 1,100 faculty are actively engaged in teaching and research.
Organization's membership or classes of membership: Dalhousie University is a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Governors representing segments of the university community and at large. Dalhousie University is also a member of other organizations, notably the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU), that are active in advocating for post-secondary interests at the provincial and federal levels.
Was the organization funded in whole or in part by any domestic or foreign government institution in the last completed financial year? Yes
End date of the organization's last completed financial year: 2005-03-31
List of Government Funding
Government Institution Funding Received in Last Financial Year
Canadian Institutes of Health Research $16,958,000.00
Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council $2,738,000.00
Canada Research Chairs $4,200,000.00
Other federal $13,836,000.00
Municipal (Nova Scotia) $34,000.00
Canada Foundation for Innovation $4,986,000.00
Other provinces $383,000.00
Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council $14,954,000.00
Provincial (Nova Scotia) $113,845,000.00
Health Canada $785,000.00

B. Lobbyists Employed by the Organization

Name: Marian Binkley
Position title: Dean, Arts and Social Sciences
Public offices held: No
Name: Carl Breckenridge
Position title: VP - Research
Public offices held: No
Name: Nick Cercone
Position title: Dean, Computer Science
Public offices held: No
Name: Harold Cook
Position title: Dean, Medicine
Public offices held: No
Name: Dale Godsoe
Position title: VP - External Relations
Public offices held: No
Name: L. Leon
Position title: Dean, Engineering
Public offices held: No
Name: Bryan Mason
Position title: VP, Finance and Administration
Public offices held: No
Name: Bonnie Neuman
Position title: VP, Student Services
Public offices held: No
Name: David Precious
Position title: Dean, Dentistry
Public offices held: No
Name: Philip Rosson
Position title: Acting Dean, Management
Public offices held: No
Name: Phillip Saunders
Position title: Dean, Law
Public offices held: No
Name: Sam Scully
Position title: VP, Academic and Provost
Public offices held: No
Name: Keith Taylor
Position title: Dean, Science
Public offices held: No
Name: Tom Traves
Position title: President
Public offices held: No
Name: Grant Wanzel
Position title: Dean, Architecture and Planning
Public offices held: No
Name: Carolyn Watters
Position title: Dean, Graduate Studies
Public offices held: No
Name: William Webster
Position title: Dean, Health Professions
Public offices held: No
Name: David Wheeler
Position title: Dean, Management
Public offices held: No
Name: Gillian Wood
Position title: Director of Government Relations
Public offices held: No

C. Lobbying Activity Information

Federal departments or organizations which have been or will be communicated with during the course of the undertaking: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Canada Council, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Canadian Heritage (PCH), Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Environment Canada, Finance Canada (FIN), Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission (HMIRC), Health Canada (HC), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Industry Canada, Infrastructure Canada (INFC), Justice Canada (JC), Library and Archives Canada (LAC), National Defence (DND), National Research Council (NRC), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Privy Council Office (PCO), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC), Public Works and Government Services Canada, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Statistics Canada (StatCan)
Communication techniques that have been used or are expected to be used in the course of the undertaking:
Informal communications, Meetings, Other types: Joint representation with other groups, Presentations, Telephone calls, Written communications, whether in hard copy or electronic format
Subject Matter: Areas of Concern: Aboriginal Affairs, Academic research infrastructure, Applied research, Commercialization, Copyright, Education, Immigration, Innovation and incubation, Intellectual property, Professional medical and health professions standards, Regional and rural development, Science and Technology, Sustainable development and energy
Subject Matter: Retrospective: Dalhousie University believes it is essential to inform government officials and representatives in a consistent fashion, about the importance of our institution for the region and its future success. In particular we communicate about our need for research investments and research infrastructure to support increased capacity within the Atlantic region. We also approach the government about particular investment opportunities. From time to time we communicate directly about policy or legislative issues that affect the university in support of the organizations where we have memberships.
Subject Matter: Prospective: Continue to raise awareness and action for Dalhousie and the university sector in Canada; address and respond to federal government policy and legislative initiatives that affect or include the university sector; work in cooperation with organizations that share Dalhousie's goals of increased research and research infrastructure; support the efforts of organizations dedicated to advocating our interests.

Details Regarding the Identified Subject Matter

Categories Description
Policy or Program Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF), Industry Canada Life Sciences Sector