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Pulse Canada / Gordon Bacon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Registration Information

In-house Organization name: Pulse Canada
Responsible Officer Name: Gordon Bacon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  ? 
Initial registration start date: 2008-03-25
Registration status: Active
Registration Number: 783033-16916

Associated Communications

Total Number of Communication Reports: 155

Monthly communication reports in the last 6 months: 1

Version 1 of 22 (2008-03-25 to 2008-07-01)

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Version 1 of 22 (2008-03-25 to 2008-07-01) was submitted prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, 2008. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

A. Organization Information

Organization: Pulse Canada
1212-220 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 0A5
Telephone number: 204-925-4452
Fax number: 204-925-4454  
Responsible officer name and position during the period of this registration: Gordon Bacon, CEO  
Description of the organization's activities: Pulse Canada is a confederation of industry and grower organizations with an interest in production and marketing of pea, lentil, bean and chickpea crops in Canada. Pulse Canada focuses on increasing demand for pulse crops, promotion of Canadian pulse crops, and on removal of barriers to trade or movement of pulse crops to markets around the world.
Organization's membership or classes of membership: Pulse Canada's members include the provincial pulse grower association in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Ontario Bean Producers Marketing Board and the Ontario Coloured Bean Growers as well as the Canadian Special Crops Association.
Was the organization funded in whole or in part by any domestic or foreign government institution in the last completed financial year? Yes
End date of the organization's last completed financial year: 2007-03-31
List of Government Funding
Government Institution Funding Received in Last Financial Year
Government of Saskatchewan $10,000.00
Alberta Crop Industry Developoment Fund $6,500.00
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada $1,712,874.00

B. Lobbyists Employed by the Organization

Name: Gordon Bacon
Position title: CEO
Public offices held: Yes
Name: Jeff Bond
Position title: Director Feed Pea Network
Public offices held: No
Name: Greg Cherewyk
Position title: Director, Transportation
Public offices held: No
Name: Gordon Kurbis
Position title: Director Environment
Public offices held: Yes
Name: Carl Potts
Position title: Director Market Development
Public offices held: No
Name: Jackie Tenuta
Position title: Director Market Development
Public offices held: No
Name: Peter Watts
Position title: Director Market Innovation
Public offices held: Yes

C. Lobbying Activity Information

Federal departments or organizations which have been or will be communicated with during the course of the undertaking: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), Environment Canada, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAITC), Health Canada (HC), Members of the House of Commons, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Senate of Canada, Transport Canada (TC), Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD)
Communication techniques that have been used or are expected to be used in the course of the undertaking:
Grass-roots communication, Informal communications, Meetings, Presentations, Telephone calls, Written communications, whether in hard copy or electronic format
Subject Matter: Areas of Concern: Agriculture, Environment, Health, International Relations, International Trade, Transportation
Subject Matter: Retrospective: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 'Growing Forward' policy frameworkInternational Trade bilateral trade agreements
Subject Matter: Prospective: 'Growing Forward' agriculture policy
Details Regarding the Identified Subject Matter
Categories Description
Policy or Program "Growing Forward" agriculture policy framework discussions about program content
Bill or Resolution, Legislative Proposal Bill C-8 An Act to Amend the Canada Transportation Act.
Regulation, Policy or Program Canada's Food Guide
Policy or Program Food aid policy
Policy or Program, Regulation Food and Drugs Act
Regulation, Policy or Program Food Labeling
Policy or Program International Trade Bi-lateral trade advocate for Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Morocco
Grant, Contribution or Other Financial Benefit Western Diversification Program