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Canadian National Millers Association (CNMA) / L'association Canadiennes des minoteries de farine de ble / GORDON HARRISON, Consultant

Registration Information

Client name: Canadian National Millers Association (CNMA) / L'association Canadiennes des minoteries de farine de ble
Previous client names
Lobbyist name: GORDON HARRISON, Consultant
Initial registration start date: 1996-06-20
Registration status: Active
Registration Number: 778202-1376

Associated Communications

Total Number of Communication Reports: 26

Monthly communication reports in the last 6 months: 0

Version 7 of 34 (2008-03-06 to 2008-09-26)

Version 7 of 34 (2008-03-06 to 2008-09-26) was submitted prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, 2008. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

A. Registrant

Consultant lobbyist name: GORDON HARRISON    Lobbyist business address
Consulting firm: self-employed
107 - 408 QUEEN STREET
Telephone number: 613-235-5360  
Fax number: 613-235-5866  
Former public office holder: Yes
Payment is contingent on the success of the undertaking: No

B. Information about Client

Client: Canadian National Millers Association / Association canadienne des minoteries de farine de blé (CNMA).
103 - 408 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON  K1R 5A7
Telephone number: 613-238-2293
Fax number: 613-235-5866  
Client Representative: John Holliday
Parent: The client is not a subsidiary of any other parent companies.
Coalition: The client is not a coalition.
Subsidiary: The client does not have any subsidiaries that could be affected by the outcome of the undertaking.
Individual, organization or corporation: The client's activities are not controlled or directed by another individual, organization or corporation with a direct interest in the outcome of this undertaking.
Was the client funded in whole or in part by any domestic or foreign government institution in the last completed financial year? Yes
End date of the client's last completed financial year: 2007-07-31
List of Government Funding
Government Institution Funding Received in Last Financial Year
Agriculture Canada $178,057.00

C. Lobbying Activity Information

Federal departments or organizations which have been or will be communicated with during the course of the undertaking: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), Environment Canada, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAITC), Grain Transportation Agency (GTA), Health Canada (HC), Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), Statistics Canada (StatCan), Transport Canada (TC), Treasury Board Of Canada Secretariat (TBS)
Communication techniques that have been used or are expected to be used in the course of the undertaking:
Informal communications, Meetings, Presentations, Telephone calls, Written communications, whether in hard copy or electronic format
Subject Matter: Areas of Concern: Agriculture, Environment, Health, International Trade, Labour, Transportation

Details Regarding the Identified Subject Matter

Categories Description
Grant, Contribution or Other Financial Benefit Agriculture -- Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Program (ACAAF). Contribution Agreement completed March 31, 2007
Bill or Resolution Agriculture -- Bill C-39 Amendments to the Canada Grain Act
Bill or Resolution Agriculture -- Bill C-46 - Proposed Amendments to the Canadian Wheat Board Act
Policy or Program Environment -- Implementation of the Ozone Depleting Substances Regulations -- Montreal Protocol
Regulation Environment -- Inclusion of Products of Grain Milling in the Domestic Substances List Pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) 1999 -- Environmental Assessment Regulations
Bill or Resolution Health -- Bill C-51 - Proposed Amendments to the Food and Drugs Act
Regulation Health -- Proposed Amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations -- Health Claims and Compositional Standards
Policy or Program Health -- Public consultations on Pre-market Evaluation of Foods with Health Claims
Policy or Program International Trade -- Multilateral Trade Negotiations affecting Food and Agriculture
Policy or Program International Trade -- North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Regulation Labour -- Proposed Amendments to the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations Part I Canada Labour Code
Regulation Transportation -- Federal Regulation of Rail Freight Tariffs

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