Client Service Standards

The Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying has developed client service standards for the following two programs:

Registration and Client Services

  • Once a completed Registrant User Agreement is received by the OCL, please allow 24 hours for account activation.
  • After filing a registration with the OCL, please allow up to three business days for either approval of or feedback on the registration.
  • The OCL aims to answer telephone calls received during business hours within 30 seconds, 80% of the time.
  • Should you leave a voice mail with the OCL, we aim to return your call within 24 hours.
  • All e-mail inquiries will be acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • Please allow 2 business days for a response to less complex e-mail inquiries and up to 14 days when a more complex question is raised.

Exemption Reviews for the Five-year Prohibition on Lobbying

The OCL Investigations Directorate will attempt to achieve the following delivery targets during the process of exemption review:

  1. Acknowledgement of Application Received
    Upon receipt of an application for exemption, the Directorate will send an acknowledgement letter to the applicant.

    Service Standard: 7 days from receipt of the application.

  2. Commissioner’s Letter of Intent
    The Directorate will ensure that the Commissioner is provided with an Exemption Review Report containing sufficient information to determine whether or not to grant an exemption.

    Intention to Deny Exemption
    If the Commissioner intends to deny the exemption, the applicant will be informed in writing of the decision and the reasons for the decision. After receiving the Commissioner’s Letter of Intent, the applicant will be given a reasonable opportunity (30 days) to present his or her views regarding the decision that the Commissioner intends to make.

    Intention to Grant Exemption
    If the Commissioner intends to grant the exemption, the applicant will be informed in writing of the decision, and that the exemption will be made public by posting a notice on the OCL website. They will be provided with the wording of the notice and an exemption number to be used, should the applicant engage in registrable lobbying activity during the five-year period of their prohibition. The exemption will be deemed effective ten days after the date of the correspondence.

    Service Standard: 60 days from receipt of an application containing sufficient information, as outlined in the Exemption Review Process.

  3. Commissioner’s Final Decision – If Request for Exemption Denied
    Prior to making a final decision to deny the request for exemption, the Commissioner will consider any further information received from the applicant, and will inform the applicant in writing of the final decision that has been made and the associated reasons for that decision.

    Service Standard: 30 days from receipt of the applicant’s views.

  4. Publication of Exemption

    If the Commissioner grants an exemption the public will be informed of the exemption and the reasons for it, as required under the Lobbying Act. The information will be provided by posting a notice on the OCL website.

    Service Standard: within 48 hours of the effective date of the Commissioner’s decision.