Exemptions Granted under the Lobbying Act

The Lobbying Act gives the Commissioner of Lobbying the authority to exempt an individual from the five-year prohibition on lobbying if that exemption would not be contrary to the purposes of the Act. The Act also requires that every exemption and the Commissioner's reasons for it must be made public. As a result, when an exemption is granted by the Commissioner, the decision and the reasons for it will be posted without delay on the OCL website.

Exemptions granted under the Lobbying Act.
Name: Date: Exemption number:
Goodwin, Marianne 2017-06-15 201718-002-E
Menzies, Gavin 2017-04-13 201718-001-E
Catta, Alexandre 2017-03-30 201617-009-E
DeGroot, Thomas 2017-01-21 201617-008-E
Wilson, Jillian Mae 2017-01-16 201617-007-E
Mattinson, Marcus 2016-11-04 201617-006-E
Archambault, Michel 2016-09-27 201617-005-E
Veck, Michael 2016-09-12 201617-004-E
Vander Zaag, Olivier 2016-08-04 201617-003-E
Vihvelin, Derek 2016-05-18 201617-002-E
Tibbetts, James 2016-04-19 201617-001-E
Turner, Zachary 2016-03-24 201516-011-E
Brejta, Dominik 2016-03-15 201516-010-E
Farrow, Anthony 2016-03-01 201516-009-E
Hurdon, Simon 2016-02-05 201516-008-E
Clark, Nathan Gordon 2016-01-27 201516-007-E
Daniels, James 2016-01-26 201516-006-E
Sakach, Alan 2015-12-30 201516-005-E
Poitevin, Émilie 2015-12-03 201516-004-E
Stedman, Ashley 2015-11-06 201516-003-E
Brooking, Gayle 2015-08-20 201516-002-E
Duguay, Sasha 2015-08-20 201516-001-E
Brodhagen, Amanda 2014-10-28 201415-002-E
Morrison, William 2014-04-30 201415-001-E
Sims, Elliot 2014-01-28 201314-007-E
del Rio, Austin 2013-11-27 201314-006-E
MacDonald, Nicholas 2013-10-08 201314-005-E
Lavelle-Tuns, Patrick 2013-10-08 201314-004-E
King, Daniel 2013-09-25 201314-003-E
Harris, Patrick 2013-07-11 201314-002-E
Singer, Ben 2013-04-02 201314-001-E
Pierce, Jeffrey 2013-03-01 201213-004-E
Taylor, Meredith 2013-01-29 201213-003-E
Burbidge, Matthew 2012-12-21 201213-002-E
Johnson, Conrad 2012-04-16 201213-001-E
Langille, Jonas 2012-01-24 201112-001-E
Georgsen, Samantha 2010-12-01 201011-001-E
Henwood, Jeff 2010-03-22 200910-001-E
Brosens, Mark 2009-03-26 200809-002-E
Bujold, Guy 2008-11-05 200809-001-E

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