A Guide to Registration (Page 3 of 7)

3. Create a Lobbyist Registration Account and Profile

This section provides an overview of the steps involved in creating an account for the purpose of filing lobbying registrations and monthly communication reports.

You are only permitted to ever have one LRS account, which you will retain for the duration of your professional life.

If you need help

The staff of the OCL is there to help you. Our advisors can be reached by phone (613-957-2760), by e-mail (QuestionsLobbying@ocl-cal.gc.ca) or by fax (613-957-3078). If you wish to meet with one of our experts, we are pleased to meet with you in person or via webinar. You may also at any time peruse our web site (lobbycanada.gc.ca) for additional information, including interpretation bulletins and other information.

In addition, the OCL offers a series of animated tutorials that provide step-by-step assistance as you progress through the registration process.

This link On line Help: Multimedia tutorials, which appears at the top of every page of the Account Creation process, will bring you to the page listing all available tutorials.

3.1 Do you need to register?

You must file a registration if you or your organization or corporation communicate with public office holders (POHs), for payment or a salary, with regard to:

  • the making, developing or amending of federal legislative proposals, bills or resolutions, regulations, policies or programs; or
  • the awarding of federal grants, contributions or other financial benefits; or
  • in the case of consultant lobbyists, the awarding of a federal government contract or arranging a meeting between a public office holder and any other person.

Who does not need to register?

The Act excludes the following public officials from registering as lobbyists when they are acting in their official capacity:

  • Members of the legislature of a province or territory or their staff;
  • Employees of provincial and territorial governments;
  • Members of local or municipal governments or their staff;
  • Employees of local or municipal governments;
  • Members of the council of a band as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Indian Act or of the council of an Indian band established by an Act of Parliament, or their staff;
  • Members of an aboriginal government or institution that exercises jurisdiction or authority under a self-government agreement, or under self-government provisions contained in a land-claims agreement given effect by or under an Act of Parliament, their staff or employees of that government or institution;
  • Diplomatic agents, consular officers, or official representatives in Canada of foreign governments; and
  • Officials of a specialized agency of the United Nations in Canada or officials of any other international organization granted privileges and immunities by Parliament.
If any of the above public officials or their organizations hire and pay third-party consultants to lobby on their behalf, these consultant lobbyists will be subject to the usual registration requirements.

When does the Act not apply?

The Act does not apply to:

  • Any oral or written submission made to any committee of either House of Parliament, or to any organization created by an Act of Parliament, in proceedings that are a matter of public record;
  • Any oral or written communication with a POH by a person on behalf of a person or organization with respect to enforcement, interpretation or application of any Act of Parliament or regulation, concerning the person or organization;
  • Any oral or written communication with a POH by a person on behalf of a person or organization, provided the communication is restricted to a request for information.

If you determine that you must register in the federal Registry of Lobbyists, please proceed to the next step.

There are two steps involved in creating an account. The first step is performed online; the second step is a manual process, which involves filling out and signing a Registrant User Agreement. See section 3.3 Complete a Registrant User Agreement.

3.2 Create an Account and Profile

You can create an account by navigating to the LRS Welcome page. The information captured in the process will contribute to your profile as a user and that of your firm, organization or corporation.

Screenshot 1-OCL Home Page-Create an Account
Screenshot 1-OCL Home Page-Create an Account

The Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying's (OCL) home page displaying a red circle around the "Create an Account" button.

Screenshot 2-LRS Welcome Page-Create an Account
Screenshot 2-LRS Welcome Page-Create an Account

The Lobbyists Registration System's (LRS) welcome page displaying a red arrow pointing to the "Create an Account" button.

From the LRS Welcome page, click the Create an Account link/icon.

In the Account Creation page, select the type of account that you wish to create by clicking on one of the account types (Registrant, Registrant/Representative, Representative).

Registrant: Individuals who must file a return are referred to as "registrants". Registrant Accounts are used by individuals who must register personally as Consultant Lobbyists under Section 5 of the Lobbying Act, and/or by persons having to register In-house Lobbyists (Corporation) or In-house Lobbyists (Organization), as per Section 7 of the Lobbying Act.

Registrant/Representative: This account is used by persons who 1) are registrants and 2) who also act as a representative by managing the accounts of other registrants.

Representative: This type of account is used by individuals (representatives) who have been authorized by a registrant to manage his or her account on his or her behalf. Please note that, although representatives may perform a large number of duties on behalf of the registrant, only registrants have the right to certify registrations or monthly communication reports with their account passwords.

Review the descriptions then click on the type of account that is right for you.

If you select Registrant or Registrant/Representative, you will be presented with a page that contains three sections:

If you select Representative, you will be required to enter only Contact Information on this page. (For more information on representative accounts, please see section 3.4 Linking to a Representative's Account.)

Complete all applicable fields in the Account Creation page, and click Save and Continue to move to the next step.

Contact Information

In this section, you must provide your first name, last name, preferred language, address, etc., to create your user profile within the Lobbyists Registration System. For an organization or corporation, this is the name and the contact information for the most senior paid employee of the organization or corporation.

For consultant lobbyists, if you work for a firm that has different legal names in both official languages, please enter the two names in the appropriate fields to facilitate searches within the Registry of Lobbyists. If you are self-employed, please respond No to the question Are you a consultant who works for a consulting firm?.

Screenshot 3-Account Creation Page-Contact Information
Screenshot 3-Account Creation Page-Contact Information

The LRS Account Creation page Step 1 demonstrates the contact information. The user must enter their prefix, first name, last name, preferred language and if they work for a consulting firm.

Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Last Designated Public Office Held

Please indicate whether or not you held a Designated Public Office with the federal government. If you have held one of these positions, enter the last day on which you held the position.

Pursuant to the Lobbying Act, Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH) are defined as Members of Parliament, Senators, Ministers, Ministers of State, ministerial staff, senior public officials such as Deputy Ministers, and Associate and Assistant Deputy Ministers (including those of comparable rank), as well as certain other senior positions designated by regulation. (See list of prescribed positions at Section 1.3.)

In order to determine if a particular position is of comparable rank to an Associate Deputy Minister or an Assistant Deputy Minister please consult the Commissioner's Interpretation Bulletin on "Comparable Rank" for Designated Public Offices.

If an individual is acting in a DPOH position for more than four consecutive months, the individual will be designated a DPOH. (See Interpretation Bulletin on Acting Appointments in Designated Public Office Holder Positions.)

It is not possible to have held a designated public office prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, 2008.

Exemption Number

Exemptions may be granted by the Commissioner of Lobbying to the five-year prohibition on lobbying activities imposed on former designated public office holders by the Lobbying Act. If you were granted such an exemption by the Commissioner, you need to specify your exemption number in this section.

For more information please see the Exemption Review Process.

Username, Password and Secret Question

Enter a username and password that you will remember. You are encouraged to select a password that is highly secure by using, for example, a combination of both upper- and lower-case letters, numerical digits and special characters; and to change this password periodically, e.g., every 90 days. Entering the secret question and answer will allow you to reset your password in the event that you have forgotten it.

Once you have completed all applicable fields in the Account Creation-Step 2 page, click Save and Continue to move to the next step, which involves completing a Registrant User Agreement. At this point, you will have received an Account Creation Confirmation e-mail.
The information you provide at this stage will be retained by the application and repeated for every registration that you submit.

3.3 Complete a Registrant User Agreement

The final step in creating your account involves manual intervention. You will need to complete, sign and submit the Registrant User Agreement to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying (OCL).

The Registrant User Agreement

The Registrant User Agreement is an agreement between the OCL and the registrant, in regard to the application and enforcement of the Lobbying Act. The purpose of the agreement is to inform the registrant of the terms and conditions of use of the Lobbyists Registration System (LRS) and to outline roles and responsibilities of both the registrant and the OCL.

The agreement does not constitute a registration. Before you can complete the online registration form to register your lobbying activities, you must confirm your acceptance and agreement with its terms and conditions.

The Appendix contains a sample of the Registrant User Agreement as well as links to both the HTML and PDF versions.

There are several ways of accessing the Agreement:

  • You can fill in the Agreement.html version online, save it and then print it from the Web site.
  • You can open the Agreement.pdf version online, fill it in, save it and then print it.
  • You can print a blank PDF or HTML version, and fill it in by hand.
  • Alternatively, you can decide to have the Agreement sent to you by email by clicking on Email me the PDF Version.
No matter which method you choose to fill it in, the registrant (not the representative) must sign the Agreement and submit it to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying either as a scanned e-mail attachment to Questionslobbying@ocl-cal.gc.ca, by fax (613-957-3078) or by regular mail.

Once the Registration User Agreement has been reviewed and accepted by the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying, your account will be activated. You will receive an Account Activation email indicating that you can now log into the system to file lobbying registrations and monthly communication reports.

3.4 Linking to a Representative's Account

As the registrant, you may, as an option, authorize another person (your representative) in the firm, corporation or organization (or an individual external to the firm, corporation or organization) to complete the information required in your registration and monthly communication report.

Although representatives may perform a large number of duties on behalf of the registrant, only registrants have the right to certify registrations or monthly communication reports with their account passwords.

Before you can link a representative to your account, the representative will first need to create a representative account (see Create an Account and Profile). During the account creation process, the representative should take note of his/her account number, which is provided in the Create Account Confirmation screen, so that it can be provided to you for the linking process.

At any time, representatives can log in using their username and password and retrieve their account number from their Account Profile.

How to link a Representative's Account to a Registrant's Account

To link your account to a representative's account, you will first have to log into your account using your username and password. After you are logged in as the registrant, you must:

  1. select Account Profile from the left-hand side menu,
  2. click the Add Representative button at the bottom of the screen,
  3. type in your Representative account number,
  4. click the Add button, and finally
  5. click the Save button.

Once this linking process is complete, your representative's dashboard will provide access to your registrations and monthly communication reports.

3.5 Submit Registrations in the LRS

With your activated account, you can now submit registrations for lobbying activities. Within the registration process, the information required will vary depending on which type of registration you are submitting. The next three chapters of this guide provide detailed instructions for creating a registration for consultant lobbyists, in-house organizations and in-house corporations.

In general terms, the following process is required to successfully register a lobbying activity:

  1. Fill in the registration appropriate to your lobbying activity.
  2. Certify the registration using your username and password. This will submit the registration to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying.
  3. The Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying will review the registration and either accept it, or send it back to you for corrections. Either way, you will receive an email.
  4. Once accepted, the registration will be published to the Registry of Lobbyists.