Worksheets for lobbyists

These worksheets detail the information required by the Lobbyists Registration System to fill and update registrations and monthly communication reports for consultant lobbyists, in-house organization lobbyists and in-house corporation lobbyists.

They were developed at the recommendation of an advisory group made up of lobbyist representatives. The group reported to the OCL's Director of Registration and Client Services.

The advisory group expressed the need for worksheets they could download and distribute to lobbyists at various stages of the registration process. These worksheets facilitate the gathering of information required by the Lobbying Act for the initial registration (e.g. full worksheet) or when submitting registration updates or monthly communication reports.

We hope that these worksheets will assist those involved in the registration process.

Worksheets for all Lobbyists

Consultant Lobbyist Worksheets

In-house Corporation Worksheets

In-house Organization Worksheets