Principles – Annotated Lobbyists' Code of Conduct

Respect for Democratic Institutions

Lobbyists should act in a manner that demonstrates respect for democratic institutions, including the duty of public office holders to serve the public interest.


The first principle of the Code calls on lobbyists to respect democratic institutions while representing the interests of their clients or employers. Democratic institutions include a democratic political system, the participation of citizens in that democracy, the rule of law and the institutions that support and protect those democratic rights. When interacting with public office holders, their actions should not diminish public confidence and trust in government.

Integrity and Honesty

Lobbyists should conduct with integrity and honesty all relations with public office holders.


Lobbyists should be open and frank about their lobbying activities.


Lobbyists should observe the highest professional and ethical standards. In particular, lobbyists should conform fully with the letter and the spirit of the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct as well as with all relevant laws, including the Lobbying Act and its regulations.


The Commissioner has reported upon several cases in which she concluded that lobbyists had breached the principle of Professionalism. Examples of the types of activities that led to this conclusion include the following: