News Release

Lobbying Commissioner satisfied with Carson verdict

Ottawa, – Commissioner of Lobbying, Karen E. Shepherd, is satisfied with the Ontario Court of Justice's guilty verdicts on all three Lobbying Act charges against Bruce Carson, who faced three counts of lobbying while subject to the five-year ban on lobbying activities.

"I am satisfied with three convictions under the Lobbying Act," said Commissioner Shepherd.

"This sends a clear message to high level government decision makers that they must comply with the Lobbying Act's five-year, post-employment prohibition on lobbying for former designated public office holders."

In the case of Mr. Carson, the Commissioner advised the RCMP on , that she had reasonable grounds to believe that an offence had occurred under the Lobbying Act. She immediately suspended her investigation and referred the matter to the RCMP, as required by the Act.

Sentencing will take place at a later date. Mr. Carson has 30 days to appeal the Court's decision. The Commissioner's Office has no further comment.