Governance Structure

The Commissioner of Lobbying is an independent Agent of Parliament, appointed by Parliament under the Lobbying Act (the Act) for a term of seven years. The Commissioner reports annually to both Houses of Parliament. Reports on Investigation conducted in relation to the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct are tabled in Parliament when completed.

An Audit and Evaluation Committee provides objective advice and recommendations to the Commissioner. The committee is comprised of two external members and the Commissioner.

The Office, when fully staffed, has 28 full-time employees and an overall budget of about $4 million. It is divided into four groups.

  • Commissioner of Lobbying
    • Deputy Commissioner
      and Chief Financial Officer
    • Director of Registration
      and Client Services
    • Director of
  • The Office of the Commissioner includes the Commissioner, Legal Counsel, a Senior Advisor and an Executive Assistant. The Commissioner has the rank and powers of a Deputy Head of a federal department.
  • The Office of the Deputy Commissioner and Chief Financial Officer is responsible for all corporate services, including: integrated strategic and operational planning; financial and human resource management; information technology; strategic policy; internal and external communications advice; audit and evaluation, security; facilities management; and workplace safety. The Deputy Commissioner and Chief Financial Officer is also responsible for the coordination and delivery of all outreach activities.
  • The Registration and Client Services Directorate is responsible for developing and maintaining the Lobbyists Registration System (LRS). The LRS allows lobbyists to register their lobbying activities and perform transactions, such as amendments, renewals and terminations. This group provides assistance to registrants, public office holders and the general public in using the LRS and in searching the Registry.
  • The Investigations Directorate is responsible for supporting the Commissioner in her mandate to ensure compliance with the Lobbying Act and the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct. The directorate monitors lobbying activities, verifies the accuracy of monthly communication reports submitted by lobbyists, and reviews and investigates allegations of non-compliance. It also reviews applications for exemptions to the five-year prohibition on lobbying for former designated public office holders.