Prohibitions on Lobbying

Five-year prohibition for former designated public office holders

Under the Lobbying Act, former designated public office holders are subject to a five-year prohibition on lobbying. These individuals cannot:

  • work as consultant lobbyists;
  • work for an organization and carry out lobbying activities on behalf of that organization; or
  • work for a corporation if lobbying constitutes a significant part of their work on behalf of the corporation.

The Commissioner of Lobbying may grant such individuals an exemption from the five-year prohibition if an exemption would not be contrary to the purposes of the Act.

Exemptions granted under the Lobbying Act

Prohibition for lobbyists convicted of an offence

The Lobbying Act gives the Commissioner of Lobbying the authority to prohibit an individual, if convicted of an offence under this Act, from communicating with federal public office holders or from arranging a meeting for a maximum period of two years.

Prohibitions applied by the Commissioner