Message from the Commissioner of Lobbying

I am pleased to start my mandate as Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada and take on the responsibility of administering the Lobbying Act and the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct.

I am committed to increasing outreach and educational activities to foster a shared understanding of the obligations stemming from the Act and the Code. In addition, efforts will be made to raise the profile of the Office with the public, as Canadians deserve to have a better understanding of the role that lobbying plays in our democratic society and of the rules that govern it.

I have confidence in lobbyists’ willingness to work in compliance with the established rules. I will work collaboratively with lobbyists; I will listen to them and benefit from their experience, while adhering to my role as regulator. Based on my experience and legal training, my decisions will be fair and impartial, in accordance with the Act.

The Registry of Lobbyists continues to be the primary instrument to ensure transparency in lobbying at the federal level. I will strive to ensure that the necessary investments are made in order to make it a modern, easy to access tool.

Finally, the success of my Office depends on the day-to-day dedication of its team of professionals. I will ensure that the Office remains an employer of choice by maintaining a workplace that values everyone’s contributions, respects its employees, and fosters their health and well-being.

In July 2018, the Office will celebrate its tenth anniversary. This milestone will be an opportunity to highlight our achievements and renew our commitment to working with lobbyists, public office holders, and our provincial, municipal and international counterparts.

It is with confidence and enthusiasm that I start this new position in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Nancy Bélanger
Commissioner of Lobbying

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