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Lobbying during an election

If you lobby or plan to lobby in the future, the election may affect you. Here’s what you should know.

Registration and reporting requirements during an election campaign

The prime minister, ministers, and ministers of state, and their staff retain their status as designated public office holders during a federal election period.

Find out more about registration and reporting requirements during an election campaign.

Political activities

A public office holder who benefits from political activities may have a sense of obligation towards those who undertook the activities.

Find out about which political activities carry a higher risk of creating a sense of obligation.

Preferential access

Relationships with a public office holder that involve family, close friends, business partnerships, or other personal or professional bonds can create a sense of obligation.

Find out which relationships have a high risk of being of creating a sense of obligation.

Five-year post-employment prohibition on lobbying

A 5-year prohibition on lobbying applies to former designated public office holders (e.g. members of the House of Commons). This prohibition begins immediately following the last day of serving as a designated public office holder.

Find out if this applies to you.

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