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    Active Tourism Industry Association of Canada / L’Association de l’industrie touristique du Canada
    In-house Organization: Beth Potter, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 179
    Active Canadian Chamber of Commerce / La Chambre de commerce du Canada
    In-house Organization: Perrin Beatty, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 154
    Active Canadian Cattle Association / Association canadienne des bovins
    Monthly Communications: 144
    Active University of Alberta
    In-house Organization: Bill Flanagan, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 142
    Active Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers / Association Canadienne des Producteurs Pétroliers
    In-house Organization: LISA BAITON, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 141
    Active David Suzuki Foundation / Fondation David Suzuki
    In-house Organization: Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 132
    Active Environmental Defence Canada
    In-house Organization: Tim Gray, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 129
    In-house Organization: Carole Saab, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 112
    Active The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) / L'association minière du Canada (AMC)
    In-house Organization: PIERRE GRATTON, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 93
    Active Dalhousie University
    In-house Organization: Deep Saini, President
    Monthly Communications: 88
    Active Ontario Power Generation Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Ken Hartwick, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Monthly Communications: 81
    Active Unifor
    In-house Organization: Lana Payne, National President
    Monthly Communications: 79
    In-house Organization: Francis Bradley, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 79
    Active Chamber of Marine Commerce / Chambre de commerce maritime
    In-house Organization: BRUCE BURROWS, PRESIDENT AND CEO
    Monthly Communications: 74
    Active Climate Action Network Canada / Reseau Action Climat Canada
    In-house Organization: Teika Newton, Managing Director
    Monthly Communications: 74
    Active Genome Canada
    In-house Organization: Robert Annan, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 72
    Active Rio Tinto Canada Management Inc
    In-house Corporation: CAROLYN CHISHOLM, President
    Monthly Communications: 70
    Active MakeWay Charitable Society
    In-house Organization: Joanna Kerr, CEO & President
    Monthly Communications: 69
    Active Ecojustice Canada
    In-house Organization: Devon Page, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 69
    Active Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) / Fédération canadienne de l’entreprise indépendante (FCEI)
    In-house Organization: Daniel Kelly, PRESIDENT and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Monthly Communications: 63
    Active Grain Growers of Canada / Les producteurs de grains du Canada
    In-house Organization: Erin Gowriluk, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 62
    In-house Organization: Graham Saul, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 61
    Active Vale Canada Limited
    In-house Corporation: Deshnee Naidoo, President & CEO Vale Canada
    Monthly Communications: 57
    Active Canadian Nuclear Association / Association nucléaire canadienne
    In-house Organization: John Gorman, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 57
    Active Imperial Oil Limited
    In-house Corporation: Brad Corson, Chairman, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 55
    Active Canadian Federation of Agriculture / La Fédération canadienne de l'agriculture
    In-house Organization: Scott Ross, Acting Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 55
    Active MDA Ltd.
    In-house Corporation: Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 55
    Active Oceana Canada
    In-house Organization: Joshua Laughren, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 54
    Active Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada / Produits alimentaires, de santé et de consommation du Canada
    In-house Organization: Michael Graydon, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 52
    Active Forest Products Association of Canada / Association des produits forestiers du Canada
    In-house Organization: Derek Nighbor, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Monthly Communications: 52
    Active fisheries council of canada / conseil canadien des peches
    In-house Organization: Paul Lansbergen, PRESIDENT
    Monthly Communications: 49
    Active Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance / Alliance de L'Industrie Canadienne de l'Aquaculture
    In-house Organization: Timothy Kennedy, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 48
    Active Shell Canada Limited
    In-house Corporation: Susannah pierce, President and Canada Country Chair
    Monthly Communications: 48
    Active The Nature Conservancy of Canada / La Société canadienne pour la conservation de la nature
    In-house Organization: Catherine Grenier, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 47
    Active Bruce Power
    In-house Corporation: Michael Rencheck, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 47
    Active Public Service Alliance of Canada / Alliance de la Fonction publique du Canada
    In-house Organization: Chris Aylward, National President
    Monthly Communications: 46
    Active International Institute for Sustainable Development / Institut International du Developpement Durable
    In-house Organization: Richard Florizone, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 43
    Active Nature United
    In-house Organization: Hadley Archer, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 42
    Active Canada's Space Innovators (Space Canada) / Innovateurs de l’espace du Canada (Espace Canada)
    Consultant: Brian Gallant
    Monthly Communications: 42
    Active Suncor Energy Inc. / Suncor Énergie Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Kris Smith, Interim CEO
    Monthly Communications: 40
    Active Nova Scotia Power Incorporated
    In-house Corporation: Peter Gregg, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 40
    In-house Organization: David Weinstein, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 38
    Active Canadian Wildlife Federation / Fédération canadienne de la faune
    In-house Organization: Rick Bates, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Active World Society for the Protection of Animals / Société Mondiale pour la Protection des Animaux
    In-house Organization: Colin Saravanamuttoo, Executive Director, Canada
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Active Innovative Medicines Canada / Médicaments novateurs Canada
    In-house Organization: Pamela Fralick, President
    Monthly Communications: 34
    Active University of Victoria
    In-house Organization: Kevin Hall, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 34
    Active Teck Resources Limited
    In-house Corporation: Jonathan Price, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 33
    Active Maritime Fisheries Union / Union des pêcheurs des maritimes
    Consultant: Kevin MacAdam, Temple Scott Associates Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 33
    In-house Organization: Jason Krips, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 32
    In-house Organization: Brian Gray, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 32

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