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Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying

We ensure transparent and ethical lobbying by administering the Lobbying Act and the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct. Our responsibilities include maintaining a searchable registry of information reported by lobbyists, providing education to stakeholders, and verifying that lobbyists comply with requirements.

The Commissioner of Lobbying is an independent Agent of Parliament responsible for regulating lobbying at the federal level.

Services and information


Lobbying Act, Lobbyists' Code of Conduct, advice and interpretation, 5-year post-employment prohibition

Registration and compliance

How to register and report your lobbying activities, verifying monthly communication reports

Registry of lobbyists

Login or create an account, register and submit info, search the registry, view data statistics

Info session

Request an information session to learn more about the rules related to lobbying at the federal level


Investigation process, post-convictions prohibitions, divulge information, info for subjects and witnesses

Reports and publications

Investigation reports, annual reports, departmental plans, etc.

Parliamentary activities

Appearances before parliamentary committees

Collaboration and networks

Lobbyists Registrars and Commissioners Network, COGEL and MOU with Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner


Fall 2021 Lobbyists Registrars and Commissioners Network conference

Commissioner Bélanger participated in the virtual meeting of lobbying regulators on September 28 and 29, 2021.

Annual report 2020-21: A record breaking year

The report highlights the Office's activities and achievements, including key statistics for 2020-21.

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If you lobby

Communications with DPOHs
must be reported.


Are you being lobbied?

Things to consider.


5-year post-employment prohibition on lobbying

A prohibition on lobbying applies to former DPOHs.


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