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Registration and reporting requirements during an election campaign

Status of ministers, members of the House of Commons, and their staff when Parliament is dissolved

The prime minister, ministers, and ministers of state, and their staff retain their status as designated public office holders during a federal election period. They retain this status until a new Cabinet is sworn in by the Governor General. All registration and monthly communication reporting requirements under the Lobbying Act continue to apply.

Other members of the House of Commons and their staff cease to be public office holders once a general election is called. Communicating with them during the election period does not trigger the need to register nor does it need to be reported under the Lobbying Act.

Position Registration and reporting of oral and arranged communications required
Minister (prime minister, minister, minister of state)
Ministerial staff who retain their position in a minister's office during the election
Ministerial staff who leave their position to work on an election campaign
Former members of the House of Commons (including parliamentary secretaries)
Staff of a former member of the House of Commons

Status of all other public office holders

During a general election, the Lobbying Act’s registration and reporting requirements continue to apply in relation to all communications with other public office holders, including Senators and their staff.

Registration is not required when communicating with any candidate who did not hold a public office before the election.

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