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    Active Universities Canada / Universités Canada
    In-house Organization: Philip Landon, Interim President
    Monthly Communications: 120
    Active University of Calgary
    In-house Organization: Edward McCauley, President & Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 114
    Active Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada / Fondation des maladies du coeur et de l’AVC
    In-house Organization: Doug Roth, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 91
    Active CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY / Société canadienne du cancer
    In-house Organization: Andrea Seale, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 89
    Active Queen's University
    In-house Organization: Patrick Deane, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 87
    Active University of Saskatchewan
    In-house Organization: Peter Stoicheff, President and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 82
    Active Canadian Urban Institute / Institut Urbain du Canada
    In-house Organization: Mary Rowe, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 60
    Active Genome Canada
    In-house Organization: Robert Annan, President and CEO
    Monthly Communications: 54
    Active HealthCareCAN / SoinsSantéCAN
    In-house Organization: Paul-Émile Cloutier, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Monthly Communications: 54
    Active McGill University / Université McGill
    In-house Organization: Deep Saini, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 49
    Active McMaster University
    In-house Organization: David Farrar, President & Vice-Chancellor
    Monthly Communications: 41
    Active Innovative Medicines Canada / Médicaments novateurs Canada
    In-house Organization: David Renwick, Interim President
    Monthly Communications: 39
    Active Canadian Red Cross / Croix-Rouge canadienne
    In-house Organization: Conrad Sauvé, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 39
    Active United Way Centraide Canada / Centraide United Way Canada
    In-house Organization: Dan Clement, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 34
    Active GlaxoSmithKline
    In-house Corporation: Sridhar Venkatesh, General Manager and President
    Monthly Communications: 32
    Active Children First Canada
    In-house Organization: Sara Austin, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 32
    Active Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
    Monthly Communications: 30
    Active RaySecur
    Consultant: David Pratt, David Pratt & Associates
    Monthly Communications: 23
    Active GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare ULC
    Consultant: Ashley Brambles, Edelman Global Advisory / Ashley M Brambles
    Monthly Communications: 17
    Active Moderna Biopharma Canada Corporation
    In-house Corporation: Stefan Raos, General Manager, Canada
    Monthly Communications: 14
    Active Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.
    In-house Organization: Vince Lamanna, President
    Monthly Communications: 14
    Active World Society for the Protection of Animals / Société Mondiale pour la Protection des Animaux
    In-house Organization: Colin Saravanamuttoo, Executive Director, Canada
    Monthly Communications: 12
    Active St. John Ambulance Canada / Ambulance Saint-Jean Canada
    Consultant: Siera Draper, NATIONAL Public Relations
    Monthly Communications: 9
    Active Optel Group / Optel
    In-house Corporation: Louis Roy, Président
    Monthly Communications: 9
    Active Zentek
    Consultant: James Anderson, PAA Advisory | Conseils / PAA Conseils | Advisory
    Monthly Communications: 8
    Active Arthritis Society Canada / Société de l’arthrite du Canada
    In-house Organization: Patricia Barbato, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 8
    Active Merck Canada Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Marwan Akar, PRESIDENT
    Monthly Communications: 8
    Active IQVIA Solutions Canada Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Sylvia Durgerian, President
    Monthly Communications: 5
    Active Action Hepatitis Canada / Action Hepatites Canada
    In-house Organization: Jennifer van Gennip, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 3
    Active Child Welfare League of Canada / Ligue pour le bien-être de l'enfance
    In-house Organization: Cara McGonegal, Interim Operations Director
    Monthly Communications: 1
    Active Becton Dickinson Canada Inc
    In-house Corporation: Ivy Parks, President
    Monthly Communications: 1
    Inactive Children First Canada / Les Enfants D'Abord Canada
    Consultant: Stephanie Mitton, Beacon North Strategies
    Monthly Communications: 23
    Inactive Seqirus Canada
    Consultant: Lucas Veiga, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada
    Monthly Communications: 12
    Inactive Diabetes Canada
    Consultant: Walter Robinson
    Monthly Communications: 9
    Inactive Canadian Health Information Management Association
    Consultant: Ingrid Ravary-Konopka, Sussex Strategy Group
    Monthly Communications: 4
    Inactive Canadian Thoracic Society / Société canadienne de thoracologie
    Consultant: Dylan Hellwig, IMPACT PUBLIC AFFAIRS
    Monthly Communications: 3

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