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    Active Fertilizer Canada / Fertilisants Canada
    In-house Organization: Karen Proud, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Monthly Communications: 113
    Active Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association
    In-house Organization: Brian Kingston, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 98
    Active Ecojustice Canada
    In-house Organization: Tracy London, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 76
    Active Vancouver International Airport Authority
    In-house Corporation: Tamara Vrooman, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 72
    Active Pembina Pipeline Corporation
    In-house Corporation: Scott Burrows, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 57
    Active Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance / Alliance de L'Industrie Canadienne de l'Aquaculture
    In-house Organization: Timothy Kennedy, President & CEO
    Monthly Communications: 50
    Active Irving Oil Limited
    In-house Corporation: John Laidlaw, Chief Legal Officer
    Monthly Communications: 46
    Active Children First Canada
    In-house Organization: Sara Austin, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 42
    Active Grain Growers of Canada / Les producteurs de grains du Canada
    In-house Organization: Kyle Larkin, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Active General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada
    Consultant: Gordon Quaiattini, Maple Leaf Strategies
    Monthly Communications: 33
    Active Canadian Pharmacists Association / Association des Pharmaciens du Canada
    In-house Organization: Glen Doucet, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 31
    Active CAPREIT Limited Partnership
    In-house Corporation: Mark Kenney, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 31
    Active AbbVie Corporation
    In-house Corporation: Tracey Ramsay, Vice President and General Manager, Canada
    Monthly Communications: 26
    Active Newmont
    In-house Corporation: Bernard Wessels, Regional Senior Vice President North America
    Monthly Communications: 25
    Active Saskatchewan Polytechnic
    Consultant: Mary Donlevy-Konkin, McKercher LLP
    Monthly Communications: 20
    Active Service Employees International Union (SEIU Healthcare)
    Consultant: Julie DeWolfe, GT & Company Executive Advisors
    Monthly Communications: 20
    Active Institute for Canadian Citizenship / Institut pour la citoyennete canadienne
    Consultant: ISABEL METCALFE, Public Affairs Counsel
    Monthly Communications: 19
    Active Beer Canada / Bière Canada
    In-house Organization: CJ Helie, President
    Monthly Communications: 17
    Active Molson Canada 2005
    In-house Corporation: Frederic Landtmeters, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 16
    Active Brookfield BRP Canada Corp. DBA Evolugen
    In-house Corporation: Josée Guibord, CEO
    Monthly Communications: 15
    Active Electric Mobility Canada / Mobilité Électrique Canada
    Monthly Communications: 14
    Active National Union of Public and General Employees / NUPGE
    In-house Organization: Bert Blundon, President
    Monthly Communications: 13
    Active Doctors without Borders (MSF) Canada / Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) Canada
    In-house Organization: Joseph Belliveau, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 13
    Active Cedar LNG Partners (GP) Ltd.
    In-house Corporation: Douglas Arnell, Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 12
    Active Newmont Goldcorp North America
    Consultant: Stephen Yardy, PAA Advisory | Conseils
    Monthly Communications: 12
    Active ChargePoint
    Consultant: John Delacourt, Counsel Public Affairs
    Monthly Communications: 8
    Active Protect Our Winters Canada
    In-house Corporation: Alison Wines, Executive Director
    Monthly Communications: 6
    Active Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada / l’Œuvre des Manoirs Ronald McDonald du Canada
    Consultant: Alex Bernst, StrategyCorp Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 6
    Active Vitalus Nutrition Inc.
    Consultant: BRUCE HARTLEY, Prospectus Associates in Corporate Development
    Monthly Communications: 6
    Active Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick
    Consultant: Jordan OBrien, The Porter O'Brien Agency Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 6
    Active University of Alberta
    Consultant: John Delacourt, Counsel Public Affairs
    Monthly Communications: 5
    Active The Body Shop Canada
    Consultant: Natalie Dash, Campbell Strategies Inc.
    Monthly Communications: 3
    Active British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
    In-house Corporation: Nicolas Jimenez, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Monthly Communications: 2
    Inactive Children First Canada / Les Enfants D'Abord Canada
    Consultant: Stephanie Mitton, Beacon North Strategies
    Monthly Communications: 35
    Inactive Irving Oil Limited
    Consultant: Michael Blanchfield, Bluesky Strategy Group
    Monthly Communications: 19
    Inactive OneClose Inc.
    Consultant: Anushka Kurian, McMillan Vantage
    Monthly Communications: 2

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